Chez Lando Hotel

Chez Lando Hotel ★★★

Official VIV Africa 2024 hotel partner

10 min. by taxi

10 minutes by taxi, KG 201st, Airport Road, Kigali 20093


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Room type Rate
Bungalow 24sqm: Single 90.00 USD
Bungalow 24sqm: Double 110.00 USD
Ikambere 24sqm: Single 110.00 USD
Pavilion room 30sqm: Single 110.00 USD
Bungalow 24sqm: Twin 120.00 USD
Ikambere 24sqm: Double 130.00 USD
Pavilion room 30sqm: Double 130.00 USD
Ikambere 24sqm: Twin 140.00 USD
Pavilion room 30sqm: Twin 140.00 USD